Our Story

Meet our team. In 2017 Maria started manufacturing whimsical pieces that quickly found place in heart of so many people in Sydney. Bringing magical creatures and fairytales to life the brand became recognizable amongst visitors of medieval festivals and cosplay events. Years after years our dedicated team has steadily grown as we aim to provide the best bespoke service. What the world taught us - that despite all the changes and unpredictable environment it is vital to stay true to yourself, to your beliefs and if you have a chance to create a bespoke piece that comes from your heart - here we are to help. Never have we ever said no to any unordinary design ideas of our customers creating everything from lantern pendants to Witcher swords to elven necklaces, the only limit is imagination.

We are happy to announce that in June 2023 we have opened a showroom for our clients. Located in the Microchannel Building in Artarmon, 2064, it is open by appointments only to provide most tailored and personal experience.

Our Team

  • Maria Langford

    Designer / Jeweller

  • Aaron Langford


  • Kate Kochelovskaya


  • Sevan Pamboukian

    Gem Setter